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Why you should visit Batu Caves?

Are you heading to Kuala Lumpur? You might want to stop at Gombak and visit Batu Caves. Batu Caves is actually a religious place for Tamil Hindu but before that the caves actually a shelter for local tribesmen and Chinese farmers. These caves become a public eye in 1878 when William Hornades who is one of the American Naturalist recorded it. Around 1891, an Indian trader decided to turn the caves into a shrine for Hindu Deity which is Lord Murugan. Back then, there is no stairs step that can lead you to the upstairs but in 1920 there are wooden step was installed and today the stairs were fully concreted and were brightly painted. You also might want to look for a Gombak condo for your vacation at Gombak

Here is the reason why you need to visit Batu Cave. First of all, you can gain knowledge about other religions plus in Malaysia, there are about  80 ethnicities and we respect their belief. Other than that, you also have more respect for other people that not of the same religion as you. It also can make you more aware of cultural awareness. Plus, this is 2020 that we need to gain more knowledge about other religions and the knowledge not only can gain at school and the internet but anywhere because the real price for a piece of knowledge is priceless. If you would like to read more on how to get the right property, you can click here.

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You also want to try to climb Batu Caves Step to test your fitness level. There are about 272 colored stairs that you can try to climb. The duration to climb normally can take up to 30 minutes and about 1 hour it depends on your fitness level. These colorful stairs also one of the attractions for tourists to create a memory with a snap of a picture. If you have mobility issues but also want to go upstairs, sad to tell you that the only way to go to the upstairs temple is by climbing the colored stairs. While you climbing the stairs, there are monkeys running around and they might harm you if you didn’t be careful. You also should not give them any food to avoid the monkeys to become more aggressive. 

Last but not least, you can explore inside Batu Caves. There are Dark Caves when you climb halfway to the upstairs and it is a home community of animals from 100 million years back. When you arrived at the main temple of the caves you can see on your left there is the statue of Hanuman and he always stands outside the Ramayana Caves. The main attraction is the Cathedral cave which is a huge cave and the natural light comes from the holes in the ceiling gives an aura of spirituality. The ceiling for the caves also can seem to go miles. 

We come to the end of the post, still thinking either to go visit Batu Caves or not? Make a decision now but make sure you have good health to climb the stairs to avoid anything that can harm yourself. If you have asthma or easily get heart attack you are not advised to go there because it might be a long journey for you. Before ending this, you also might want to stay at any Gombak house for rent near Batu Caves to make sure it is easy for you to go there. 

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Tips for small business owners

In this challenging time where people are mostly confined to their house, many have turned towards having a small business to generate an extra side income. This pandemic has affected the economy quite badly that many companies cannot sustain their business that they were forced to terminate a large sum of their employees because they can no longer afford to pay them. Everyone has to find ways to get a stable income which resulted in many opting for small businesses, especially in food. With the help of online delivery, people now can actually gain access to lots of food menus without having to go to the restaurant. Thus, for people who are in small businesses selling food, it would do them good to invest in online delivery services so that your products would be available to everyone. However, if you are worried that that investment would take up most of your profit and you don’t know how to sort out which budget for what, this article would give you tips to manage your financial activities as a small business owner.

1 – Don’t be afraid to invest in growth
As a small business owner, it would be important for you to set aside money for the sake of investing in opportunities that can make your business grow. It would help your business thrive which would lead your business towards a healthy financial direction. You should always have eyes on the future and long-term investment can be your saviour in the future. Just like the online food delivery service or online shopping service where you can advertise your products and menus there for a wider range of customers. If you are willing to invest in the betterment of your business, people can see the result of it. For example, by investing in a better product wrapper, your customers would receive the product in an excellent condition which would give a good impression of your business and this would encourage them to buy regularly from your shop. Not only that, people would sometimes give a review on the page of your product so that other buyers can look at the review before deciding to buy, thus, with good reviews, it increases the chance of people buying your product. It is a chain reaction which can bring positive results so be more open in investing for the future of your business.

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2 – Billing strategy
Usually, small business owners, they do not hire an accountant to manage the financial activity for them because they cannot afford these professionals so in order for you to manage your money without having to hire professionals, you would need to have a good billing strategy. By managing your cash flows, you can ensure that your business is operating healthily on a daily basis. For example, you can calculate the amount you are buying for a certain item and compare it with how much if it is being sold. The lesser the number of sales for that certain item, the more you can reduce the amount you are buying that item. It would balance out your finance.

3 – Monitor the books
Every small business owner should monitor the books that contain the record of everything. Even if you have a bookkeeper, you should do it as well every month to ensure everything is smooth and there are no bumps along the way. You can also familiarize yourself with the finance of your business so that if there are any problems, you can catch it. As much as your bookkeeper is a trustable person, you should involve yourself in this matter because you are the owner.

If you are a small business owner, you should take these tips and apply it to your practices. However, if your business is growing at the moment and you are actually looking for professionals to manage your financial activities, you can search for local accounting companies in Malaysia which would help you in making every process smooth.…