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Corrugated Sheets: Characteristics And Advantages

The corrugated sheets are the ideal solution for roofing, cladding, and also for floors, thanks to a series of advantages deriving from the use of light but resistant materials, and subject to specific treatments.

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What are these advantages? Here they are all!

First of all, corrugated sheets are very light structures and, despite this, extremely resistant to mechanical stress; they are waterproof and resistant to extreme temperatures, quick to install, cheaper than other solutions, and, above all, they offer a unique aesthetic result for your house.

In particular:

The lightness of the corrugated sheets reduces the weight of the entire load-bearing structure;

The inalterability to frost makes them excellent substitutes for the typical porous roofs which, with temperature changes, expand and break in the long run;

Consequently, the maintenance costs are almost zero;

The impermeability and high resistance to atmospheric agents elevate them to ideal structural elements even in particular environments, such as coastal areas or those with a high concentration of smog.

As for the aesthetic result, it is undeniable that this type of roof ensures a great visual impact: especially when the corrugated sheets are in copper, roofs and coatings acquire elegance and dynamism. Not only that, there are also particular types of sheets, such as perforated or seamed ones, which create optical effects of great design.


Ideal both for the roof of your home and for the facades and roofs of industrial buildings, corrugated sheets can have different applications.

Roofing sheets used to make roofs of buildings, especially industrial and commercial;

Large span sheets, used as a cover but internal, typical, for example, of logistics warehouses. Capable of covering large spaces but with minimal footprint, large span sheets allow you to save space, time, and money;

  • Sheets for structural floors, both dry and collaborating;
  • Sheet metal for cladding, namely facades;
  • Sheet metal for false ceilings in industrial buildings.

All the corrugated sheets installed by metal roof installation Malaysia guarantee excellent parameters of resistance, capacity, and lightness. They are made with different parameters to fully cover the needs of the construction sector.