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Fiber optics: how to choose the best Internet package?

While optical fiber has become widely available in France, there are now around ten Fiber offers on the Internet Service Provider market. To help you navigate among these offers and choose the best possible offer, find in this guide a comparison of existing offers and all the explanations to better understand this technology.

Four Advantages of Fiber Optic Communications - Fiber optics: how to choose the best Internet package?

The optical fiber is an Internet technology that conducts the light, but also computer data via son of glass or plastic. The data transported over these wires can transmit audio (for the telephone), video (for TV, VOD or videoconferences) and purely computer data (for the Internet, messaging, sending large files, etc.). In comparison, ADSL and VDSL connections transmit data through telephone lines and a pair of copper wires.

If the optical fiber is one and the same technology, not all the Fiber offers of the Internet Service Providers are created equal. It is therefore compared in this guide to the offers of the different Malaysian ISPs.

Conclusions are clear: while the unifi internet represents a true concentrate of technologies, the services of the Unifi pakej launched in 2019 by Orange leave much to be desired. Free indeed offers a 10 Gbit / s EPON connection (for a real maximum speed of around 8 Gbit / s) and high-end Server and Player boxes integrating all the latest technologies. Unifi is satisfied with a box with more classic characteristics, with the exception of the fiber connection which goes to 2 Gbit / s at most, and rather bet on ecological and recycling. 

Before diving into this guide, let us specify that the criteria below are not necessarily the only ones to be taken into account when it comes to choosing a box offer. The hardware provided by the ISP can also play an important role. To compare modems from different providers, TM Unifi Malaysia invites you to consult in this guide to the best boxes.…