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Reliable Methods in Taking Care of Your Liver

Reliable Methods in Taking Care of Your Liver

When it comes to your digestive system, the liver is the key player. Yes, this might not be that relevant to you right now, but as you get older, it will be, and things might be beyond repair already. You should actually feel lucky that you come across this article and realize the importance of your liver.

Whatever it is that you eat, or drink will pass through the liver. 马来西亚中医肝病專科 means that if you are used to eating crap, your liver has to deal with it as well. If you want to have a comfortable future, you should be good to your liver.

A healthy diet is a must and no matter how busy you are, you should sweat out even for just 15 minutes in a day. Especially if you are a desk person, sitting the entire day is certainly not good for your liver.

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Some medicines might solve your targeted problem, but they can also damage the liver like some painkillers for example. So, you might also want to watch out for them.
It will be tough if your digestive system won’t work as it should be and that will happen if you won’t take good care of your liver.

Some medicines might solve your targeted problem, but they can also damage the liver like some painkillers for example. So, you might also want to watch out for them.

It will be tough if your digestive system won’t work as it should be and that will happen if you won’t take good care of your liver.

Proganic liver Chinese medicine Malaysia

Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine For Your Health

It is getting more common to use Traditional Chinese Medicine to cure mild diseases and chronic illnesses. This is because of the studied and proven facts of Traditional Chinese Medicine in curing diseases. A rise in consumption of Traditional Chinese Medicine could be seen after the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused a significant change in our lifestyles. These are some benefits of taking Traditional Chinese Medicine for your health: 

Proganic liver Chinese medicine Malaysia

Effective Treatment For Skin Diseases

Traditional Chinese Medicine has treated severe skin allergies and problems. They are found to be more effective in treating severe problems that even modern medicine could not do. According to studies, it was found that Traditional Chinese Medicine is an effective treatment to cure skin diseases, such as eczema and psoriasis. Traditional Chinese Medicine is also popular among young women who would like to maintain healthy skin. Taking Traditional Chinese Medicine not only cures skin diseases but frequent consumption of them improves our skin’s health.

Reduces Cognitive Impairment

Research has been done to study the impact of taking Traditional Chinese Medicine on Alzheimer’s patients. It was effective in delaying the process of dementia, which leads to Alzheimer. Traditional Chinese Medicine has also shown to improve the cognitive functioning of older adults that are living with Alzheimer.

Cure For Sleep Problems

Many people have opted for Traditional Chinese Medicine as a cure for their sleep problems. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a significant amount of stress for everyone around us, many have since started having sleep problems because of the stress and work. However, taking Traditional Chinese Medicine has shown improved sleep quality and reduced prevalence of insomnia among adults. That is why till now it is very common to see older generations consuming Traditional Chinese Medicine even when they are not stressed out or have no insomnia to get a night of proper sleep.

Fewer Side Effects

Traditional Chinese Medicine is mostly combinations of medicinal herbs which have been studied for centuries for their effects on humans. To ensure no side effects are caused by any form of these medications, medicinal herbs are mixed with herbs shown to reduce the side effects of the medicinal herbs. This is so that the patient does not have any side effects upon consuming their prescribed medicine herbs.

Anti-Inflammatory Effect

Most of the time, chronic diseases are caused by inflammation. Traditional Chinese Medicine has anti-inflammatory properties that help with reducing inflammation which is the root of disease. For example, liver inflammation caused by hepatitis B can lead to liver cancer. Consuming Proganic liver Chinese medicine Malaysia can reduce the causes of inflammation in the liver, which can decrease the chances of developing chronic illness.

Although the rise in popularity of consuming Traditional Chinese Medicine has increased rapidly in the past few years, it is still advisable for you to consult your medical doctors before consuming them. This is to ensure that you do not have any underlying medical conditions that could be affected by Traditional Chinese Medicine.

fun things to do at home 89287918 202751954121773 4976609118390176968 n 1584480928 520x385 - Ways To Entertain Yourself At Home

Ways To Entertain Yourself At Home

Since most of the world is kind of stuck living in a pandemic, it’s up to us to occupy ourselves at home. This is so that there are no more outbreaks or clusters of cases. Speaking of, if where you live has a lot of Covid-19 cases, it is advisable to stay home unless you really need to for necessities or emergencies. If you feel sick all of a sudden or suspect that you’ve come in close contact with whoever is positive for the virus, get yourself tested and possibly vaccinated as well. Let’s all work together to achieve herd immunity because how will we ever live normally again and stop going through lockdowns and quarantines?

things to do at home kids family dance together 1586977896 1024x707 - Ways To Entertain Yourself At Home

That being said, it isn’t easy to stay at home for so long at a time. Thus, that is why we need to explore more things we haven’t tried yet in our lives. Just try one thing after another to keep yourself busy so that you wouldn’t feel the need to go out so much. If you have no idea what to do, here are a few suggestions:

Online Shopping

Online shopping is one of the best self-therapy methods there is. Remember not to overspend, though. The best way to control your spendings is only doing this once or twice every few weeks. This way, you wouldn’t be spending all your money in one go. Keep in mind that joy from online shopping is only temporary, thus, buy stuff that you could use consistently. This way, you would be stretching out the joy you get from buying the item. Other than that, you could spend on things you could use to pick up new hobbies. Since almost anything can be bought online nowadays, you could even get cooking supplies, shop for groceries and do almost everything online. Plus, with the best integrated logistics company in Malaysia, delivering or shipping is made easier. 

Watch Any Streaming Platform

Nowadays, there are a lot of streaming services that you can spend hours on. This is a good activity especially for those who enjoy watching good TV shows or movies. One of the biggest streaming platforms there is nowadays is Netflix and they have almost everything you would want to watch. For instance, been meaning to watch every episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine? They have it! Horror, mystery, romance or true crime shows, these streaming platforms have got almost anything you’d want to watch so grab your favourite snacks or favourite desserts and binge away.

Create An At-Home Spa

Creating an at-home spa would be easy, especially with the aforementioned online shopping activity. You could order facial masks, bath bombs, scented candles and a lot more when you shop online. Thus, use all that to relax on your own or with your partner. Play some relaxing music, run a bath, light up a few scented candles and have the time of your life. 

Try New Hobbies

Trying new hobbies can be difficult but that’s the point of trying. You would never know how difficult something can be unless you don’t try it. For instance, you could try cooking or even try home exercises so you wouldn’t go out to a gym anymore. The sky is the limit with what you can try as new hobbies so explore!

sieuwert otterloo aren8nutd1Q unsplash 520x400 - What Is Investing In Real Estate?

What Is Investing In Real Estate?

Investing in real estate is a way of making money on real estate by investing in it. Real estate is buildings or pieces of land. The purpose of this real estate investment is to achieve a return. In this way, you will ultimately earn from this investment. Investing and investing in real estate can therefore be seen as two equal terms. 

Investing with the help of a professional party

An investment in real estate is a considerable investment. The investment usually pays for itself in the end at a large profit, but of course, there is some degree of risk associated with every investment. You need to be specialized in investing in real estate. We want to offer our investors the most profitable investments. This will help you reap the most benefits from your real estate investment. With a house for rent Dutamas, you can expect the best solutions now.

Choose expert support

If you want to invest in real estate, always look at the property in question before taking further action. Bring an expert with you who is knowledgeable and can tell you exactly the pros and cons of the property. By knowing what a property or what your Dutamas Property and Dutamas condo has to offer, you strengthen your negotiating position. It makes it easier for you to decide for yourself whether the property fits within your picture of a profitable investment.

Request zoning plans for your own plan in time

Are you going to buy an investment property? Then request all necessary documents from the municipality in good time, or have this done for you. What you can do with a property is laid down in the zoning plan. Rules have also been drawn up for the land on which the property is built. Even though you know what you want to do with a property to make it a profitable investment if your plan cannot or should not be carried out, it will not deliver you what you want. The experts want you to invest in real estate with which you can actually do and achieve what you had in mind. That is why we always request all necessary documents for you, which we then clearly present to you.

aubrey odom ITzfgP77DTg unsplash 1024x683 - What Is Investing In Real Estate?

Think about maintenance and management

Every type of property also needs maintenance. It is wise to think about management before purchasing. These activities are more often outsourced to, for example, handymen. Also think carefully about which costs, such as repair costs, will be included in your account. If you have thought about this in advance, you can take this into account when discussing the rental income. 

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organic food getty images 520x400 - Where to buy high-quality organic fruits

Where to buy high-quality organic fruits

It’s no secret that your energy, activity, and appearance directly depend on proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, more and more people, both mature and young, are now beginning to carefully monitor their diet. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find organic and unprocessed farm products, but the main task of the is to deliver fresh vegetables and fruits to Malaysia and the region.

Buying fruit online in an online store is convenient and economical, and there is also an offer of organic products “straight from the garden” from trusted suppliers. There is an assortment that includes a large number of healthy food products with a real unprocessed taste, which is stored and delivered in accordance with the correct technologies and temperature conditions.

What fruits can you buy in Malaysia?

The choice of products in the capital markets is huge, but it is simply not possible to physically bypass all outlets and compare the assortment. The team of specialists has already done this and selected the best brands for you. Thus, you can buy fruits with home delivery that taste as if you yourself have grown them carefully and with love. 

In the online catalog you will find:

  • Melons, nectarines, and peaches, plums, figs;
  • Lemons, limes, oranges, tangerines;
  • Pears, apricots, apples, bananas.

There is also a whole separate section, which presents exotic tropical fruits and berries brought to us from abroad. The fruit is an excellent snack full of vitamins and minerals. Here you can also pick up nuts, vegetables, and herbs for them, which together contain almost the entire spectrum of substances for strong immunity. They are not scary to give to children or people on a diet, as they are not processed with chemicals and do not contain additives.

Benefits of ordering at OnGrocer

What are the differences between organic products:

  • When grown, no pesticides, nitrates are used, the product does not undergo genetic modification;
  • OnGrocer receive products from regular proven suppliers sell only top brands of finished products;
  • Freshness of all goods, correct storage conditions;
  • Real rich taste, a huge assortment that can please gourmets;
  • 100% health benefits.

OnGrocer is the delivery of fruits in Malaysia and the region, as well as other food products that have passed strict quality and freshness control. 

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Instagram influencer marketing 520x400 - The Rising Power Of Influencers: New trends To Utilize

The Rising Power Of Influencers: New trends To Utilize

As of 2020, the spending on social media and mobile marketing spiked up to 74% and 70% respectively. Much of the social media marketing spending done by the best of social media and marketing companies in Malaysia was spent on influencer marketing, creating better digital interfaces, optimizing websites and blogs. 

The spending on influencer marketing is completely justified. Marketers understand the power of harnessing influencer marketing in increasing customer acquisition, brand awareness, and increasing sales and web traffic. It is important more than ever to understand the future trends of influencer marketing since the numbers suggest that the trend is here to rise. With that in mind, here are some of the trends that businesses should be aware of. 

what to consider when launching influencer marketing campaigns 1024x538 - The Rising Power Of Influencers: New trends To Utilize
  • Drop The Vanity Measures Of Success

Vanity measures are, just as the name suggests, all vanity. It is only a mere appearance but not an indication of engagement. In influencer marketing, vanity measures refer to the number of likes, followers, and comments of the influencer. This measure is only a means of being more appealing to brands. However, brands must remember that a high number of the following does not indicate a high engagement rate for the influencer. 

An influencer with less than 10K followers, or in other words a micro-influencer tends to have more power when endorsing products and services. People consider micro-influencers to be more humble, vulnerable, and honest to their followers. A higher engagement rate is witnessed among micro-influencers and their followers. 

  • Aggressive Competition To Be An Influencer

Becoming an influencer is not as easy as it used to be. Needs are changing and so are the trends. Influencers have to fight for the table and attention with the high saturation of influencer content. Marketers must be careful of falling for vanity measures of success and look at the way an influencer strives to stay on top of the competition. 

  • Authentic Content Over Aesthetic

With the rise of Instagram, influencers were the ones who catered to us the most aesthetically pleasing content. However, the trend of pleasing pictures and perfect aesthetics is now over. People prefer genuine reactions and contents that scream authenticity. They prefer to hear the genuine opinion of influencers instead of a pretty image of a product. 

  • Switch To Performance Driven Marketing

Marketers again must be careful of vanity measures of success and switch to performance-driven marketing. The space of social media is now all filled with influencers. It is important and crucial to choose influencers who deliver measurable results such as sales or clicks. They must be able to show the performance and marketers must favor those who can show actual results. 

With the new age of social media users now popularizing new apps, new forms of influencers are also born. Influencers are also becoming specialized and marketers must understand what new trends hold value for the business. Influencer marketing is here to stay but it is a constantly evolving game.

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104445309 GettyImages 554995487 520x400 - Tips for small business owners

Tips for small business owners

In this challenging time where people are mostly confined to their house, many have turned towards having a small business to generate an extra side income. This pandemic has affected the economy quite badly that many companies cannot sustain their business that they were forced to terminate a large sum of their employees because they can no longer afford to pay them. Everyone has to find ways to get a stable income which resulted in many opting for small businesses, especially in food. With the help of online delivery, people now can actually gain access to lots of food menus without having to go to the restaurant. Thus, for people who are in small businesses selling food, it would do them good to invest in online delivery services so that your products would be available to everyone. However, if you are worried that that investment would take up most of your profit and you don’t know how to sort out which budget for what, this article would give you tips to manage your financial activities as a small business owner.

1 – Don’t be afraid to invest in growth
As a small business owner, it would be important for you to set aside money for the sake of investing in opportunities that can make your business grow. It would help your business thrive which would lead your business towards a healthy financial direction. You should always have eyes on the future and long-term investment can be your saviour in the future. Just like the online food delivery service or online shopping service where you can advertise your products and menus there for a wider range of customers. If you are willing to invest in the betterment of your business, people can see the result of it. For example, by investing in a better product wrapper, your customers would receive the product in an excellent condition which would give a good impression of your business and this would encourage them to buy regularly from your shop. Not only that, people would sometimes give a review on the page of your product so that other buyers can look at the review before deciding to buy, thus, with good reviews, it increases the chance of people buying your product. It is a chain reaction which can bring positive results so be more open in investing for the future of your business.

TF19C479 800x532 - Tips for small business owners

2 – Billing strategy
Usually, small business owners, they do not hire an accountant to manage the financial activity for them because they cannot afford these professionals so in order for you to manage your money without having to hire professionals, you would need to have a good billing strategy. By managing your cash flows, you can ensure that your business is operating healthily on a daily basis. For example, you can calculate the amount you are buying for a certain item and compare it with how much if it is being sold. The lesser the number of sales for that certain item, the more you can reduce the amount you are buying that item. It would balance out your finance.

3 – Monitor the books
Every small business owner should monitor the books that contain the record of everything. Even if you have a bookkeeper, you should do it as well every month to ensure everything is smooth and there are no bumps along the way. You can also familiarize yourself with the finance of your business so that if there are any problems, you can catch it. As much as your bookkeeper is a trustable person, you should involve yourself in this matter because you are the owner.

If you are a small business owner, you should take these tips and apply it to your practices. However, if your business is growing at the moment and you are actually looking for professionals to manage your financial activities, you can search for local accounting companies in Malaysia which would help you in making every process smooth.…

pexels soloman soh 1492232 520x400 - How did you Store and Handle the Aluminum Paste and Powder?

How did you Store and Handle the Aluminum Paste and Powder?

The aluminum pulp is a packed pigment or mineral powder. Aluminum pigments are used to create the aesthetics of metals found in various types of paints, coatings, and inks.

The length, width, and thickness of the atomic particles are almost the same sequence, and the dimensions of the length cannot exceed two or three times the dimensions of the thickness. The length or width of the shrapnel particles can be several hundreds of their thickness.

  • Aluminum paste: Aluminum paste is a homogeneously bonded silver pigment In a solvent.

Various solvents can be used, including high and low flash point types. Detailed information on fire and/or explosion hazards related to specific paste formulations may be obtained from the Material Safety Data Sheet provided with delivery and in consultation with the paste supplier.

Storage area: In this booklet, the storage area is understood as the area where powder and paste are stored in a closed container. Requests for additional information about warehousing must be submitted to the supplier.

  • Aluminum Powder Paste & Storage:

1. The storage should be in a non-combustible or combustible building.

2. Aluminum powder and paste should be stored in the fixed shipping container and it should be kept tightly stored.

3. The aluminum powder should not be stored in places that have contained flammable liquids or other fuels. With the utilization of material due to differences in fire fighting strategies.

4. the aluminum should be stored in an airtight container in a dry room at a temperature below the flashpoint of the solvent.

5. Arrange the container properly with enough aisle space. Keep the pile height to a minimum.

6. Aluminum powder and paste should not be stored in the same area with unsuitable materials such as rust. With suppliers of powders or pastes.

7. The safety aspects of bulk storage should be discussed.

  • Safety principles:

Chemically, aluminum has a very strong bond with oxygen. This results in a thin layer of aluminum oxide that is produced almost instantly on the surface of aluminum when it is exposed to the atmosphere. When the aluminum powder particles are heated to

A certain temperature is known as the “ignition temperature“, the mass of a particle is very small, so the entire article can be oxidized almost instantly. Therefore, these piles of particles will “burn”. Since segmented particles have a much larger surface area per unit mass than atomic particles or particles, they will ignite more easily and burn faster than other types of powders. In general, aluminum dust with a particle size of 40 mesh (420 μm) or less presents a fire and explosion hazard.

3D Resources is where you should be visiting for more details (tips) and information, where the cements and the related products are created with concrete admixtures.

imgpsh fullsize anim 520x400 - Pilates Class – What You Are Not Aware Of

Pilates Class – What You Are Not Aware Of

What You Need To Know About Pilates

Are you planning to take a Pilates class? well, if you happen to be a local in Malaysia, you should be happy to know that there is a pilates class in KL. That is right and they offer two options when it comes to their sessions. They have a private class in which you will be working hand in hand with an instructor and there is also a home class, which of course, you will have the routines in the convenience of your own home. 

imgpsh fullsize anim - Pilates Class – What You Are Not Aware Of

But before taking the step of joining a Pilates class, here are some things you should be aware of first:

  • You have two options when it comes to Pilates classes and they are the mat and the reformer classes. With the mat classes, you will be using a mat with your routines while in the reformer classes, you will be using a kind of equipment that will help you in executing the routines. 
  • There is still other equipment that Pilates classes will use, though most of the time, they are now available for beginners. 
  • For beginners, you can expect that your muscle will feel sore after the first day. But of course, this is just normal and once your body will get the hang of the routines, you won’t experience such discomforts again. 
  • The thing with Pilates routines is they are not really limited to certain parts of the body. Thus, this type of exercises can also affect some of your muscles

See Also: Reliable Methods in Taking Care of Your Liver

Whether you are young or old, you can still benefit from a Pilates class. This is an effective method to get in shape. This will not keep you fit only, this can also help you in having good posture. So, if you want to be in a Pilates class, you should start seeking a provider now. 

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‘Alah membeli menang memakai! Kenapa mesti memilih Corelle Apa yang menarik mengenai set pinggan mangkuk Corelle ?’

Setiap orang memiliki gaya dan citasara mereka sendiri dalam menentukan kebahagian dalam hidup. Itulah sebabnya kami menawarkan Corelle®, set pinggan mangkuk dengan pilihan corak dan bentuk yang berbeza untuk kegunaan anda seharian di rumah. Set Corelle dari koleksi terpilih kami adalah yang terbaik dan pasti menjadi idaman setiap wanita!

Satu keistimewaan yang semua pengguna setia Corelle akui dan setuju adalah kualiti dan ketahanan Corelle®. Tips dalam memilih set pinggan mangkuk mestilah memilih yang tahan lama. Seperti Corelle® ianya diperbuat daripada bahan unik yang disebut Vitrelle, yang memberikan jaminan pinggan mangkuk Corelle® menjadi suatu lagenda ketahanan. Ini juga memberikan Corelle® pelbagai manfaat lain yang tidak ditawarkan oleh jenama lain.

kelebihan set corelle

10 sebab kenapa memilih set pinggan mangkuk Corelle® adalah :

1- Ringan

2- Tahan pecah

3- Menjimatkan ruang sebab buatannya yang tipis dan boleh dimampatkan

4- Selamat dicuci

5- Corak yang tidak mudah pudar / luntur

6- Selamat digunakan di microwave

7- Tahan retak

8- Menjimatkan

9- Banyak pilihan corak dan warna yang lembut dan menarik

10- Selamat digunakan walaupun kanak-kanak

dan…… yang pastinya ada Instalment Plan di sini ! Terrbaikkk…. ~

corelle instalment plan

Kos Special Delivery & Self-pickup CORELLE

Kategori Penghantaran Produk Barangan Dapur : 

Berikut adalah kategori atau cara penghantaran untuk semua produk barangan dapur :

a) Pos Laju ke seluruh Malaysia

Pelanggan adalah digalakkan untuk mengambil perlindungan insurans untuk membuat tuntutan ke pihak Pos Laju sekiranya berlaku kerosakan atau kehilangan. Sila rujuk di sini :

b) Special Delivery/Runner Service di sekitar Lembah Klang/Kl-Selangor sahaja

i) RM40/set

c) Self pickup 
i) Hari Bekerja (Isnin-Jumaat) : Kg Baru Sg Buloh, Selangor & Petaling Jaya, Selangor
ii) Hari Minggu (Sabtu-Ahad) : Saujana Utama, Sg Buloh, Selangor

Penghantaran Produk Pre-Order :

Ianya tertakluk kepada tempoh/projek Pre-Orer tahunan. Di mana kategori ini akan diwujudkan sekiranya kami ada membuka Pre-Order yang biasa mengambil masa 5-6 bulan.

Kadar kos penghantaran akan ditentukan mengikut syarat di link ini ;

“SPECIAL DELIVERY” (untuk kawasan di luar Lembah Klang) :

Kadar bayaran : RM50/set

i- Selatan ( Johor, Melaka & Negeri Sembilan) : Johor

ii- Utara ( Perak, Kedah, Perlis, Pulau Pinang) : Perak

iii- Pantai Timur (Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang) :

Kami akan membuat penghantaran ke lokasi-lokasi dan masa yang akan ditetapkan kemudian berdasarkan kategori di atas. Ini bertujuan bagi memudahkan penghantaran produk kepada pelanggan yang berada di luar KL dan Selangor.

Terma dan Syarat :

1- Bayaran hendaklah dijelaskan sebelum penghantaran dibuat

2- Penghantaran akan mula dilakukan bermula September 2014

3- Pelanggan boleh memilih lokasi yang sesuai untuk tujuan pengambilan produk yang ditempah berdasarkan tarikh yang telah ditetapkan secara berkumpulan sahaja

4- Kadar bayaran adalah mengikut lokasi dan bilangan kotak serta lebih murah berbanding kadar Pos Laju

5- Sekiranya pelanggan hendak membatalkan di saat akhir, pihak kami tidak akan mengembalikan bayaran yang telah dibuat kerana akan menimbulkan pelbagai masalah sampingan

6- Pelanggan digalakkan untuk merancang masa sekiranya bercadang untuk memilih cara penghantaran di atas

7- Kegagalan pelanggan mematuhi terma dan syarat akan menyebabkan barang yang ditempah tidak akan sampai ke tangan dan akan dibawa semula ke KL

8- Pelanggan perlu datang ke KL atas kos perbelanjaan sendiri

9- Jaminan terhadap keselamatan barang yang dibeli adalah tinggi. Pihak kami akan memastikan semua barang dalam keadaan baik

10- Pelanggan dinasihatkan membuat pemeriksaan terhadap semua barang yang diterima untuk memastikan tiada kerosakan yang berlaku ketika penerimaan barang

Kadar bayaran utk Semenanjung Malaysia mengikut jenis set :

Corelle Livingware 16pcs : RM36.50/set

Corelle Impressions 16pcs : RM48.50/set

Corelle Square 16pcs : RM48.50/set

Corelle Boutique 16pcs : RM48.50/set

Corelle Livingware 18pcs : RM55/set

Corelle Impressions 18pcs : RM55/set

Corelle Square 18pcs : RM55/set

Corelle Livingware 30pcs : RM66.50/set

Corelle Impressions 30pcs : RM66.50/set

Corelle Square 30pcs : RM66.50/set

Corelle Livingware 76pcs : RM108.50/set

Kadar bayaran utk Sabah  mengikut jenis set;

Corelle Livingware 16pcs : RM73/set

Corelle Impressions 16pcs : RM95/set

Corelle Square 16pcs : RM95/set

Corelle Boutique 16pcs : RM95/set

Corelle Livingware 18pcs : RM110/set

Corelle Impressions 18pcs :RM110/set

Corelle Square 18pcs :RM110/set

Corelle Livingware 30pcs : RM132/set

Corelle Impressions 30pcs : RM132/set

Corelle Square 30pcs : RM132/set

Corelle Livingware 76pcs : RM232/set

Kadar bayaran utk Sarawak  mengikut jenis set;

Corelle Livingware 16pcs RM58/set

Corelle Impressions 16pcs RM77/set

Corelle Square 16pcs RM77/set

Corelle Boutique 16pcs : RM77/set

Corelle Livingware 18pcs : RM90/set

Corelle Impressions 18pcs: RM90/set

Corelle Square 18pcs: RM90/set

Corelle Livingware 30pcs RM105/set

Corelle Impressions 30pcs RM105/set

Corelle Square 30pcs RM105/set

Corelle Livingware 76pcs RM191/set

Kadar Insurans  

Kadar Insurans : 10% dari harga barang

Pelanggan adalah digalakkan untuk mengambil perlindungan insurans untuk membuat tuntutan ke pihak Pos Laju sekiranya berlaku kerosakan atau kehilangan.

Sila hubungi kami untuk maklumat lanjut

1- Semua produk akan dilindungi insuran semasa penghantaran dari US ke Malaysia. Bagi penghantaran dalam Malaysia, kadar bayaran tambahan dikenakan atas persetujuan pelanggan.

2- Sekiranya berlaku kerosakan / kehilangan pihak kami tidak akan menanggung sebarang kerugian. Semua produk yang dihantar dari US telah di semak dengan teliti.

3- Bagi produk Corelle, sekiranya ada kerosakan semasa tiba di Malaysia, kami akan membuat gantian dan pelanggan mesti bersetuju untuk menunggu gantian sampai atau diskaun akan diberikan. Tiada proses refund akan dibuat.

* Kadar bayaran akan dikemaskini kemudian

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