Coolest Vending Machines Around The World

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Vending Machines are truly one of the best inventions on earth. It is loved by all and it is sought out by all. A lot of opportunities in binary system MLM involves the venture of vending machine business too. Now a multi-million dollar business in most parts of the world, vending machine’s popularity is only increasing day by day. We have gone from snacks to selling Lamborghinis in vending machines. 

Vending machines feed into our impulsive purchasing behavior and the industry has never been more thankful. Having exploited by consumer goodness we have acquired a taste for the benefits of vending machines. It certainly is no longer my place to just grab a chocolate bar from. But it is also the place I will buy my stack of gold and flowers. 

  • The Art-o-mat, USA

Originally a cigarette vending machine, this one truly bloomed into art. Literally. Welcome to one of its beautiful kind. An Art vending machine. This Vending machine gives us the chance to buy art even if it is 3 AM in the morning. Art o mat is still an ongoing project by the artist Clark Whittington. They accept submissions from various artists all over the world. The guideline for submission is available on their official site. Whether you are an artist or a buyer this vending machine is a quirky dream coming true for many art fanatics. 

  • Lettuce – Japan

Indeed, Japan is home to one of the world’s coolest yet weirdest vending machines known to mankind. We have witnessed the invention of egg vending machines to banana vending machines. Once upon a time, there even used to be a “used panties” vending machine in Japan. So a lettuce vending machine is hardly a surprise to the world. Lettuce is a healthy and great, filling addition to our meal. It is a staple in many Asian cuisines. No wonder there is a need for a lettuce machine. Wherever we are in the world, we could definitely use a Lettuce vending machine. 

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  • Sexual Health Items – Venice, Italy

We have seen vending machines of all sorts. Icecream to gold. A Sexual Health item dispenser is a great addition to a vending machine for Italians. This vending machine promotes safe sex and prevents the prevalence of sexual diseases around the country. It plays a crucial role in the sexual health of both men and women. We can view this vending machine as something that promotes safe sex and good sexual health around the world. 

  •  A book vending machine, Singapore

Book worms, Assemble! This one is for you. We all have dreamed of a machine that dispenses our favorite books. Even if it is the next marvel comic or the new novel by JK Rowlings, we have dreamed of it being readily dispensed. Singapore has made it possible for us to buy a book whenever we want with the help of this book vending machine. Whether you are looking for your edition of the little women or the weathering heights, they got it covered. 

  • Gold to Go Vending Machine

Who would have thought we could get gold from a vending machine. Never once we associated a vending machine with gold, but here we are. UAE established a gold dispensing vending machine that takes our money and gets us gold bars in return. How cool is that? 

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