Is it okay to scuba dive without taking any scuba diving lessons?

unnamed - Is it okay to scuba dive without taking any scuba diving lessons?

For beginners in scuba diving, it is okay to do it even without taking the lessons before you scuba dive. However, it’s better to not risk ourselves to do extreme or dangerous activities without any knowledge or any basic skills. Yes, it is a bit dangerous for beginners to scuba dive without knowing any basic skills or knowledge. They might get tired easily as scuba diving will use a lot of energy and they also might get panic easily when unexpected things happen. To avoid any accidents happening when scuba diving, they have to take the scuba diving lessons in advance so that they can get to know a bit of knowledge about scuba diving.

So, what do they teach in scuba diving lessons? In scuba diving lessons, they will teach you some basic skills in diving such as breathing, floating, and swimming. Breathing is important in scuba diving because it will help you to control your heartbeat rate and you will feel more relaxed when scuba diving. If not, you will get tired so fast and your heartbeat becomes unstable. Next is floating. Floating is a basic thing that you need to master when you go swimming. It is because floating can help you to conserve your energy when you go scuba diving. Losing your energy too fast will get you tired to move in the water and it may lead to a muscle cramp or even drowning. 

bubblemaker1 - Is it okay to scuba dive without taking any scuba diving lessons?

Lastly, swimming. Of course, you have to know how to swim if you want to go scuba diving. And if you already know how to swim, that is okay because the instructor will teach you how to move in the water freely without draining your energy so fast. Other than that, the scuba diving lessons will teach you how to survive when unexpected things happen when you are in the water. Because scuba diving may have the risk of danger when we do it, it is good to know some basic skills to survive when we go scuba diving. Better to not take the risk that might lead to fatalities. But you don’t have to worry about it so much because the professional divers will take care of you and supervise you when you go scuba diving. By that, we can avoid any worst scenario that could happen while the activity is ongoing. 

To conclude everything, scuba diving can be a fun activity that we can do to release our stress or to enjoy the beauty of nature. But, it can be dangerous if we did not know any basic skills or knowledge about scuba diving. So, taking scuba diving lessons is important because we do not want to take any risk that may cause the worst-case to happen. Those skills may save your life at a very critical moment. It is why there is a saying that when you want to master something, master the basics first.