The automation industry is always there in the fashion industry.

Industrial Automation 1 1 800x500 - The automation industry is always there in the fashion industry.

We can never know how the fashion industry creates their product starting from the dress or hat until the last one, our shoes. Without knowing it, the automation industry is always there in helping the fashion industry in creating such a dress. Same as the information technology industry, the fashion industry also always relies on the automation industry in their production. Even though almost all of the work is done by humans, some of the work is still involved in industrial automation machines and products in helping them do the work. It may seem like it’s a lie but it is the truth. The idea and the tailor will always be the human in the fashion industry but how they do the work, lifting heavy material for the dress even being the model for the fashion can be the industrial automation machines. Even the tailor can be from industrial automation products. We as humans are totally different from the machines because we all have our limit on working and we also have a lot more responsibilities aside from working. We are always related to our emotions. In a fashion industry where they can only work on production if the main person in the fashion industry has the idea or approved any idea in releasing the new fashion style. There are a lot of reasons as to why the automation industry is always there in the fashion industry these reasons include helping the workers and making the workload easier, they also can improve the quality of the fashion product and they can use the automation industry product in testing the fashion than still using the humans. 

As mentioned above, the use of industrial automation machines can help the fashion industry workers and make the work easier than before using the automation industry product. We need to understand that the automation industry product is not only limited to the automation section industry but it also can be used in any kind of industry. That is why without knowing about it, the fashion industry used their machines to help them work on the production. The fashion industry can never replace all of their human workers with the machine but the use of the machines in the industry will help the worker a lot. What we need to understand is, the fashion industry also requires a lot of workers and a big workplace for them to complete their products such as a big company such as H&M and Uniqlo. Elcomp, an automation company in Penang, is an industrial automation company that is always there in creating such machines in helping any kind of industry. One of the examples of what they provide is the best deals for malaysia carlo gavazzi.

The fashion industry can improve its product quality if they are using the industrial automation product. It is not deniable that we still need humans to check the quality of the product but by using the automation industry machines or products, they can improve the quality of the product and make the quality checking easier rather than totally relying on humans. We need to understand that fashion is not only limited to the dress but it also covers the entire style of wear of the human body. We also knew that they used fewer human workers in the quality check section. It approves that using industrial automation machines will help them do the quality check on the fashion industry product and without realizing it, it will improve the quality of the fashion industry products. The next reason why the automation industry is always there for the fashion industry is if all of this time they are still using humans in being models for the fashion style, instead they can use a robot from the automation industry for that position. They can make the robot body to be as what they want and they will not need humans for doing it. It not only will help to reduce the use of manpower, but they can cut time in finding a suitable person to be the model for their fashion style. They can always choose any kind of body style for the robot and make it on par with their fashion. 

To conclude all of this, we will never know why the automation industry related to the fashion industry but we all knew after we read the article. They have always been there without us as ordinary people knowing about it.

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