Web Design Trends In 2020

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Everything has trends, including web design. It changes every year and we will see some trends more prominent than others and some trends slowly disappearing. Web design’s trend focuses more on the design elements and themes. For example, some web design trends have been a continuous trend for the past few years and these trends are more gradient, minimalism, extraordinary typography and more. Now in 2020, there are emerging trends that offer many additional features to the design. This article would list five of the web designing trends in 2020.

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1 – “Dark Mode”

Many users like the dark mode features that you can find in many mobile apps. This can be applied to websites as well. There is an obvious increase in the number of users that opt for the dark mode because some people like to look at their phone right before they sleep when the lights are off. Making use of the dark mode, many designers create design with a dark aesthetic. Due to the background being all dark, it will be complemented with bright accented components to create a contrast that can attract people’s attention. With this design, the typography should be easy to read. 

2 – Breaking-rules typography

Typography has a set of traditional rules that have been followed for years. This year, however, people are deciding to break the rules. Odd spacing, sizing and line spacing are some of the things they do in this theme. However, with this rule breaking method, users still need to understand your content. Websites that use this theme are usually more of an art focused website rather than an informational one. The interesting point here is that the type changes colour with different placement and this creates a layer effect on the design. They also use round text elements to connect space with the background elements. This design shows the world of possibility for web design in the future. 

3 – Mixing illustration

Mixing illustration is a combination of both illustration and photo for the design. The purpose of it is to get a tweener aesthetic that has got amazing styles for both of it. Some fashion websites use this theme to portray illustration of clothing pieces. It is funky and cool which can attract so much attention. 

4 – Liquid animation

Every website uses animation but the ones that are special is what makes it stand out. One of the emerging trends related to animation in web design is the liquid-style animation. This animation makes movement seem like water. It can work in many different ways such as transition in videos, hover state to entice clicks or general use to draw users into the design. The speed of movement is the trick to make this method work, where it needs to be smooth, fluid and impeccably timed so that it would give out a realistic feel. 

5 – 3D

Everything about the design is 3D. That is also an emerging trend seen in web design. This is for creating a sense of realism into the design. This is achieved by using three-dimensional imagery that will add depth to the design. This can give users something unexpected such as a mask breaking apart with a boiling pink liquid inside. These would be something astonishing for some users. It is expected that this trend would flourish in the year 2020. 

There are other trends emerging, but these are the top five. Some of these trends will either fade away or stay for a long time. It depends on the popularity and practicality of the design. If you would like to see more of the trends, you can head over to look at top 10 web design companies in Malaysia where you will see amazingly talented designers work their art. 

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