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Skirt labuh kembang Cassandra untuk ibu-ibu anggun

see... bukaan 6 panel ala-ala skirt princess

SKIRT CASSANDRA kembang princess dari BlingBuubies


Nak bersantai ke mana-mana dengan selesa?

Tercari-cari busana muslimah apa nak dipadankan dengan tops/blouse ibu² yang anggun tu….


Apa kata mencuba Skirt Cassandra yang labuh lagi kembang?


Color/Motif – Black and white Lines

Material – High quality lycra. Very soft, light and flowy. Does not cling to body. Comfortable and easy to manage.

Special Feature : Comfortable 6-panel cutting suitable for all mothers – normal, nursing/pregnant, maternity or post maternity, with fully stretchable elastic waist.

Very suitable to wear with blouse/top/shirt. Model in the picture is wearing our Cassandra Princess Flare in black/white Lines design, with Dahlia 01 Nursing Top.

cassandra skirt
see... bukaan 6 panel ala-ala skirt princess
see… bukaan 6 panel ala-ala skirt princess


Bahagian bergetah pada pinggang
Bahagian bergetah pada pinggang


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